FU mediafire... blog death

it seems that mediafire is pulling the banhammer hard, and my account has been suspended...

in lieu of re-uploading everything, if you'd like a d/l from a certain post, contact me by email and i'll send you links via request.

thanks for the support!




Claudine Chirac- Alle Meine Entelein 7'' (1984)

i'd promised in the comments to my [previous post] a follow-up as soon as i found claudine chirac's [second record]... well, after much delay on my part, here it is.

while the instrumental flipside, "bonjour tristesse", is a tad bit more in the vein of her previous 7", the a-side is the real gem... an upbeat, spunky little tune, with one of the most adorable videos i've ever laid eyes on...

[Alle Meine Entelein]

addendum: this was a short, quick post as there's an extensive non-music related film post that i've been working on coming soon... keep an eye on this space.


daily fauli- fauli til dauli lp/claudine chirac- nautilus ep

with the recent developments in the blogging world (the megaupload takedown, filesharing sites shuttering, google/blogger declaring a second round of music blog shutdowns, etc.), a lot of great music/film/art is now lost, washed away by bureaucratic tidal waves.

these two records were previously posted elsewhere, but sadly relegated to the unlit digital purgatories of dead links and cached pages.

first up is the [daily fauli] lp, originally posted over at [systems of romance]. released in denmark in 1983, this avant minimal wavish gem was the solo project of future danish director/actor/celebrity [Søren Fauli]... 500 pressed, but only about 100 known copies are said to exist.

next up is the nautilus 7" by former grauzone/starter member [claudine chirac], also released in 1983. this was her first solo foray after the implosion of grauzone... graceful, downbeat instrumental minimal synth stuff, perfect for a lone walk on a cloudy seashore... anyone out there have a rip of her [second record]?

[daily fauli/claudine chirac]



the owl is dead... long live the owl.

yet another casualty in the 2012 war between commerce and culture. in less than two years holy warbles set the platinum standard (along with ghost capital, mutant sounds, and many others) that i held all music blogs to (including mine). the times that the owl complimented a post here was like getting a nobel peace prize in blogging.

in that light, i'm probably going to kill this blog off. google/blogger are showing their true colours, and i would not be surprised to come home to find my meager little venture swept off to interwebz heaven.

i had several posts prepped and in the pipeline, but considering everything, i may just chuck them. what's the point in all that effort if it's all going to be digital dust?

WFMU posted an elegy to one of the finest repositories to music to ever grace the internet... give it an ear, especially if you missed out.

[R.I.P. øשlqæda]




i'm back! some things are worth saving and i've had requests from all over to continue as previously promised. the recent u.s. department of justice megaupload bust also compelled me to keep up the good fight... too many of my favorite music and film blogs have now been hobbled by the entertainment industry's draconian tactics. all that fantastic music/film/art gone in one fell swoop.

thanks to [madrotter] who originally posted this fab piece of indonesian/singapore pop... this was much too good to let blow away into digital dust.