no blurbs, no pics, just music.

ciao, anthony

[laurel halo- king felix ep]

[dressed up animals- s/t lp/strizzi rizzi ep]

[mort garson- The Wozard of Iz: An Electronic Odyssey]

[F.U.'s- revenge cd]

[Reiko Ike- Kokotsu No Sekai (The Ecstatic World Of Ike Reiko)]

[puerto rico flowers- 4 ep]

[peter jefferies- the last great challenge in a dull world]

[Blut Aus Nord- The Work Which Transforms God]

[you- wonders from the genetic factory]

[ilitch- 10 suicides]

[Michael Garrison- In The Regions Of Sunreturn]

[Terror Bird- Sociopaths are Glam]

[The Angelic Process- Weighing Souls With Sand]

[Ghédalia Tazartès- Une Éclipse Totale De Soleil]

[Jaakko Eino Kalevi- Modern life]

[A Young Person's Guide to Phill Niblock]

[larry heard- alien]

[forest swords- dagger paths]

[cindytalk- in this world]

[Alan Vega- Jukebox Babe/Collision Drive]

[pistol disco- evergreen]

[Shizuka- Persona In Heaven]

[Eliane Radigue- Geelriandre-Arthesis]

[white ring]

[tara cross- limelight cassette/tempus fugit lp]

[Amos And Sara- The Private World Of Amos/Sara Goes Pop]

[evelyn war- limits of exposure]

[alasehir- torment of the metals]

[Pocahaunted- Live at the OCCII Le Club Suburbia]

[Mahmoud Awad- Sheikh To The Future]

[Gong- Camembert Electrique]

[And The Native Hipsters- There Goes Concorde Again]

[Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes- Le Rat Debile Et L'homme Des Champs]

[Mater Suspiria Vision]

[Synth Jerkshop- Amateur Cosmos]

[birdland- 2004 demo (pre-celebration)]

[v/a- Travels of the Spider-Electro-Acoustic Music from Argentina]

[native tongue- self titled ep/yowl lp]

[pink priest- cold rock/goddess/western futures cdrs]

[Stephan Eicher- Spielt Noise Boys]

[the good missionaries- fire from heaven]

[The Balinese Gamalen & Ketjak- Music from the Morning of the World]

[Albert Marcoeur- s/t]

[v/a- pomegranates (60s/70s iranian pop, folk, funk & psych)]

[patty waters- sings]

[graham lambkin- salmon run]

[explode into colors- quilts]

[Algarnas Tradgard- Delayed]

[v/a- Melodii Tuvi- Throat Songs And Folk Tunes From Tuva]

[Roy Montgomery- Silver Wheel Of Prayer]

[Radio Algeria (Sublime Frequencies)]

[Steve Beresford/Tristan Honsinger- Double Indemnity/Imitation of Life: 1980-1981]

[stellar om source- exises cdr]

[factums- flowers]

[Etienne Jaumet- Night Music]

[childe bride- Reflections On Prism City/the bell witch]

[marduk- plague angel]

[Hamilton Bohannon]

[Asmus Tietchens- Spät-Europa]

[balaclavas- roman holiday]

[Pärson Sound- s/t]

[Cleaners From Venus- Midnight Cleaners]

[Tor Lundvall- Sleeping And Hiding]

[modern witch]

[Dead Gaze- End of Days, Why Not You?]

[Led Er Est- Dust On Common]

[pauline oliveros- deep listening]

[Ajilvsga- Medicine Bull]

[Nac/Hut Report]

[Thomas Leer- Contradictions]