Sexangle (1975)

a little bit of a departure here from the usual album post, though still music-related... esp for any throbbing gristle/chris and cosey fans.

sexangle is a "blue movie" starring none other than Cosey Fanni Tutti. produced by the infamous [john lindsay] under the pseudonym of Karl Ordinez, this was one of the many endeavors in the adult industry that cosey used as both financing for Coum Transmissions and eventual fodder for the [Prostitution exhibition] at the ICA in 1976.

be forewarned, this is an real 70's porno film (grainy vhs-to-dvd transfer and all), and one of the more interesting artifacts of the entire tg legacy... you'll see cosey up close and personal and if you have any qualms about such things, just move on.

on a related note, [chronditic sound] recently released the soundtrack to this on cassette in an edition of 50.

re-uploaded 7.29.12


darksmith- total vacuum lp +

another post here that was temporarily waylayed by the great laptop meltdown of 2011. one of my fave albs of 2010, tom darksmith takes a subtler, musique concrète-esque hypnotic tack to the well-beaten noise horse. released on the all-mighty [hanson records] in an edition of 300. the first 30 came with a bonus 3" cdr which i'm including here.

as another bonus for my discerning readers, i'm also posting two earlier cdrs, landslide (2008) self-released on [mom costume] and weightless (2007) on [chondritic sound].

[total vacuum]

[weightless + landslide]


Karel Kryl- Plaváček (1983)

sorry for the delay in updating this thing, but i recently lost my laptop due to catastrophic hard drive failure and motherboard problems. luckily, i was able to get an awsm new replacement immediately... unfortunately, i lost all the bookmarks and cover art i had saved for my next 5 posts.

i used to love digging in bins of crappy 50 cent and dollar records for gems, but as the years have passed, i've lost my patience for it... grubby fingers, seeing the same shitty records over and over, my allergies flaring up from all the dust... yuck. in the past few months i've slowly started to enjoy the process again, and this record i recently found makes all the grainy fingertips and sneezing worth it.

karel kryl was an exiled czech protest singer who is a legend in his home country. no point rehashing his bio here... you can read about his storied life before and after feeling the communist regime in 1969 [here] or at the comprehensive [official website]. his discography is rather large and if you dig this, i suggest checking out his other records... you won't be disappointed.




catastrophic hard drive and motherboard failures kept me from the interwebs for two weeks... nothing of value was lost (aside from a few pics and bookmarks). new computer, new banner and new posts soon.