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msr madness vol. 2, 3 & 4

Back in the day, non-musicians mailed in their addled and/or eloquent poetry (often scribbled on sandwich bags or cocktail napkins), and for a small fee, a song was created out their poetic detritus. The concept is nothing new - there have been numerous anthologies of song poems (and even a film about the phenomenon), so many in fact that you have to wonder just how much good material there is. These collections answer that questions - tons of it, especially if you keep an open mind and you're as receptive to the strangeness of the genre as you are to the pained emotion and the historical insight they often provide.

i present to you the long oop print volumes 2-4 of the msr madness series compiled by Tom Ardolino (nrbq) and Don Bolles (Germs). much ink has already been spilled over the song-poem phenom and it's shining star Rodd Keith (including a documentary), but these collections were the first exposure many of us had to this treasure trove of american weirdness at it's finest.

volume 1 was the vinyl-only Beat Of The Traps album, but fear not, as 12 of those 16 tracks are on volume 2 with the remaining appearing on volume 3. volumes 5 and 6 were unfortunately shelved until Phil Milstein and WFMU came to the rescue and put them up for [free download]. the complete liner notes to these and the many subsequent song-poem comps can be found at the [American Song-Poem Archives]. info about Rodd Keith can be found over [here] and an article by his son Ellery Eskelin can be read over [here].

[Tom Ardolino Presents: The Makers of Smooth Music- MSR Madness Vol. 2]

[The Human Breakdown Of Absurdity- MSR Madness Vol. 3]

[Don Bolles Presents: I'm Just The Other Woman- MSR Madness Vol. 4]


Nick Nicely- Psychotropia

yep, another case of lost neo-psychedelic gems (early-80's style) that finally got a proper re-ish a coupla years ago... both of his 7" singles plus a slew of previously unissued tracks recorded in the interim.

a tilt of the hat to [gary war] for the heads up on this chunk of overlooked psych-pop bliss. a def must for anyone inclined toward the bobb trimble/ariel pink/r.stevie moore/john maus/gary war/blank dogs schools of psychotropic pop. also, mr. nicely recently assembled a [mixtape] for the fine folk over at naturalismo that's worth yr while...



aunt sally (1979)/phew (1981)

phew should need no [introduction] as a legendary and prominent mover in the japanese underground scene for over three decades...

her first solo album from 1981 is an absolutely stunning krautrock/japanese-avant hybrid, recorded at Conny Plank's studio with Conny, Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit acting as co-producers and her backing band... credentials like that, you know you can't go wrong.

the aunt sally album was recorded and released in 1979 in an edition of 400, reissued in 1984 and again in 2002 w/ three live bonus tracks recorded in osaka in 1979 tacked on for good measure... a pleasant slice of kleenex/liliput-esque punk/post-punk, just hinting at the greatness to come two years later.

[aunt sally- s/t (1979)]

[phew- s/t (1981)]


Marvin Peterson- Children of the Fire (1974)

sometimes you can judge a book by it's cover, and you can just eye this one and tell it's gonna be good. spectral jazz w/ free/pan-african leanings on an arkestra/pharoah sanders tip... re-ished a few years ago on soul jazz and well worth opening yr ears for.

[Children of the Fire]


Roland P. Young

three slabs of Cosmic Afro-minimal electronic sounds from this long-time Bay Area legend. a huge thank you to who the individual did the immaculate vinyl rip of the nigh-impossible to find Infinite Sound album.

[Infinite Sound- Contemporary African-Amerikan Music (1975)]

[Roland P. Young- Isophonic Boogie Woogie (1980)]

[Roland P. Young- Istet Serenade (2009)]


Crossover- The Mater Suspiria Vision Ghost Drone Remixes - 7 Ghosts

this the cdr of Mater Suspiria Vision Ghost Drone/Drag remixes that came with the Crossover Pirate Communique VOL. TWO #2 "THE GLOOM ISSUE"... seven exclusive tracks, only 100 coples made.

[msv ghost drone remixes]


Sadistic Mika Band- S/T, Kurofune & Hot! Menu

awsm early 70's glam racket from oksaka's answer to roxy music. the first three albums are the way to go, everything after this (the sadistics, solo records, reunions w/ various singers, etc.) is straight downhill...

[Sadistic Mika Band (1973)]

[Kurofune (Black Ship) (1974)]

[Hot! Menu (1975)]

Aghast- Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis

haunting, hypnotic minimalism... ghostly voices calling from the grave and chilling otherworldly tones with just a hint of smeary, hissy ambient/depressive black metal atmospherics, likely because both members are wives of black metal royalty (one married to Samoth from Emperor, the other to Fenriz from Darkthrone). the knowledge that this was recorded on Dead's (Mayhem) old mic, only adds to the foreboding sense of dread.

[Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis]

Married in Berdichev- Readying

Brittany Gould's output as [married in berdichev] and [caldera lakes] should need no introduction... she's simply one of thee best artists out there right now, and readying was one of the best releases of the past year...



yoko ono- fly/wicked witch- chaos 1978-86

feeling a bit homesick for the east coast, and these two albums were on high rotation on my ipod when i lived in brooklyn.

fly is classic proto-no wave that should be held in much higher regard and chaos 1978-86 is pure mind-swamp fuckery that comes off like the nexus connecting bootsy, throbbing gristle and ariel pink... yes, it's that good.

[fly-disc one] [fly-disc two]

[chaos 1978-86]

Hot Blood- Disco Dracula (1977)

another post in the spirit of the season... here's a german-produced vampire themed disco novelty album that's better than what you'd be led to think...

more in-depth info on this lp can be found over [here]

[Hot Blood- Disco Dracula]


Monster Sounds & Boppin' Tracks Vol. 1 & 2

by request... and just in time for yr halloween soiree.

[reposted here]


angie bee- plastic doll

some songs are just so perfect that you play them 10 times in a row...

disco nirvana from [monika zachi], before her days as a euro-sexploitation film starlet...

[angie bee- plastic doll]


Kennedy Mengesha

Kennedy Mengesha was one of Ethiopia's biggest artists with a string of hits in the 80's, before passing away at a young age. info on him is scarce... no wiki profile, no discogs page... zero. zilch. nada.

the tracks i've posted here i found over on slsk and i have no idea of their provenance. i properly retagged and retitled most of them thanks to [this page] and the handful of videos over on [youtube]...

does anyone out there have any further insight on him????

[Kennedy Mengesha]

Barış Manço- Ben Bilirim

if you can't get behind this, you can't be my friend. seriously.

[Barış Manço- Ben Bilirim]


Vulcan- Meet Your Ghost

awesomely stomping primitive private press psych album from Iowa, circa 1978... Vulcan was Lyle Steece, the self-proclaimed son of an intergalactic space traveler who claims he was visited by the ghost of Hendrix... some serious fuzzed-out damage here, people.

[Vulcan- Meet Your Ghost]

deluxe ultra-limited double vinyl re-pop at [forced exposure]


Ian North- My Girlfriend's Dead (1980)

seminal early synth-pop album from former Milk 'N' Cookies member Ian North, recorded in 1979 in his brooklyn apartment after an extended stint in England. remastered with the Rape Of Orchids ep thrown on for good measure (featuring Only Love Is Left Alive, which was shown heavily on MTV and was featured on the first day of the station’s broadcast).

[My Girlfriend's Dead]

Raymilland- Recordings '79-'81

stellar midwest post-punk on a def eno/devoto/ubu trip that finally got the proper deluxe re-ish treatment earlier this year...

Raymilland formed in the summer of 1978 in St. Louis and lasted until the fall of 1981. Although starting out playing standard punk covers by the Buzzcocks, Damned, and Ultravox, their original influences and ideas about music leaned more toward the no-wave bands of NY and the more experimental bands from the UK. Raymilland played live eight times; four in St. Louis and four in Chicago. A fifth Chicago date slotted to open for Joy Division never happened when the US tour was canceled due to the death of Ian Curtis. Raymilland released one single in 1980 on Praxis (an influential Chicago music/art magazine), had one song included on the first Sub-Pop compilation cassette, and another on a compilation cassette released by the legendary Dong Dong Tapes from the Netherlands. A self produced demo cassette to attract label interest and procure live gigs was so influential that Wax Trax Records sold bootleg copies in their Chicago retail store.
-[BDR Records]

[Raymilland- Recordings '79-'81]

disco blaze- jump back

big kudos to [holy warbles] for this... i'd been searching for this one for over a year.

Total WTF record from Nigeria. One copy dug up in 2008 & went for about 800 smackers. Furry, backasswards fuzz guitar, drums sometimes mixed way too high [likely under the influence of late 70s disco 12 inches]. There's also a couple of ballads with shaky, fragile femme vocals, but the backing continues to be slathered in wah & effects. As to why the guy on the front has fangs & bats flying around his head? Uh, you got me, buddy. Fans of Chrissy Zebby Tembo, you've found your next stop.
-[Weirdo Records]

[disco blaze- jump back]


Warning- Both Albums

ridiculously epic cosmic doom-disco that for some inexplicable reason hasn't been reissued in any form... wtf??? why???

[Warning (1982)]

[Electric Eyes (1983)]


The Masterworks Of Satyajit Ray

One of the great pleasures Satyajit Ray's films gives audiences is the beautiful music they contain. This has been true from the very beginning of his career, when he asked classical music Pandit Ravi Shankar (the 'Apu' trilogy, 'Devi') and Ustad Vilayat Khan ('The Music Room') to compose and perform the music for his soundtracks. These great maestros always worked within the framework of Indian classical music; that is, music based upon ragas. However, light classical and folk songs, as well as folk tunes, were also drawn upon and provide much intoxicating rhythm and lively orchestration for Ray's scores. ...

For the orchestration he himself wrote, he relied on the rich sonorities available in Western instruments played in combination with Indian ones -- for instance, violins and cello, trumpet and harmonium, played with Indian wooden flutes, sarangi, santoor, sarod, sitar and tabla. His melodies were always based on ragas, however, no matter what the combination of instruments might be, and the ravishing sound he wrought from this is what people think of his peculiarly individual, 'Ray-like,' music. No other film composer in India ever quite attained his effects, or gave us film music so satisfying to the Western ear.

-liner notes excerpt by James Ivory and Ismail Merchant

[The Masterworks Of Satyajit Ray]

[Forced Exposure][satyajitray.org][wiki][imdb]

harmony korine- trash humpers ost

I always walk my dog in these alleyways by my house by where I grew up, and I remember there always used to be these peeping toms. They lived in this old person’s home – well, it was more like a basement that stored old people. And they had this uniform which was these black turtlenecks and white nursing shoes. Usually they would fornicate in the alleyways behind these strip malls and peep into people’s windows. It always made an impression on me, so I decided to make a film that was loosely based on these memories.
-Harmony Korine

Why couldn’t they just wipe some gonorrhea on them and be done with it?
-Alie Ward, Los Angeles Times (regarding the trash smeared 7" packaging)

[make it, make it, don't fake it](re-up cdr version)

Franz Falckenhaus

Franz Falckenhaus is one of the many pseudonyms of Danny Wolfers, better known as [Legowelt]... self-described “dark smudgy-ultra melancholical-cold war soundtracks”, this is minimal/cold wave/john carpenter/goblin-esque music for imaginary spy films set in Prague...

[Stories From My Cold War]

[The Europa Judgement]

[The Lost Border]


jill kroesen.elisa waut.chandra

three sorely overlooked records from the post-punk/no wave archives...

[JILL KROESEN- Stop Vicious Cycles] bio at [allmusic][lovely music]

[elisa waut- s/t ep] bio at [Belgian Pop & Rock Archives]

[chandra- transportation ep] excellent interview at [nerdtorious.com]



ultra-scarce italo-disco album, Giorgio Farina teaming up with Goblin members Claudio Simonetti, Massimo Marante, Agostino Marangolo, and Fabio Pignatelli for three long tracks of strung out sprawling dancefloor excess (Originally released in 1978 as a soundtrack to an italian TV-show)... absolutely essential.



william onyeabor

[crashes in love (1977)]

[atomic bomb (1978)]

[tomorrow (1979)]

William Onyeabor studied cinematography in Russia for many years, returning to Nigeria in the mid-70s to start his own Wilfilms music label and to set up a music and film production studio. He recorded a number of hit songs in Nigeria during the 70s, the biggest of which was "Atomic Bomb" in 1978. William has now been crowned a High Chief in Enugu, where he lives today as a successful businessman working on government contracts and running his own flour mill.

- info from: Nigeria 70 "The Definitive Story of 1970'S Funky Lagos"

Metropak- The Singles

[Metropak- The Singles Collection]

[myspace][Close Up Records UK][discogs]


ludus peel session re-post (plus)

(requested by [veronica/CEASE TO EXIST!])

[ludus 1982 peel session](now 320kbps)

and just to show that is isn't a case of re-issue, re-package, re-package (to quote linder sterling's old chum Steven Patrick Morrissey), i'm including the 2001 soundtrack to Linder's performance piece [Clint Eastwood, Clare Offreduccio and Me: Requiem] by Ian Devine and Linder:

[devine & sterling- requiem]



no blurbs, no pics, just music.

ciao, anthony

[laurel halo- king felix ep]

[dressed up animals- s/t lp/strizzi rizzi ep]

[mort garson- The Wozard of Iz: An Electronic Odyssey]

[F.U.'s- revenge cd]

[Reiko Ike- Kokotsu No Sekai (The Ecstatic World Of Ike Reiko)]

[puerto rico flowers- 4 ep]

[peter jefferies- the last great challenge in a dull world]

[Blut Aus Nord- The Work Which Transforms God]

[you- wonders from the genetic factory]

[ilitch- 10 suicides]

[Michael Garrison- In The Regions Of Sunreturn]

[Terror Bird- Sociopaths are Glam]

[The Angelic Process- Weighing Souls With Sand]

[Ghédalia Tazartès- Une Éclipse Totale De Soleil]

[Jaakko Eino Kalevi- Modern life]

[A Young Person's Guide to Phill Niblock]

[larry heard- alien]

[forest swords- dagger paths]

[cindytalk- in this world]

[Alan Vega- Jukebox Babe/Collision Drive]

[pistol disco- evergreen]

[Shizuka- Persona In Heaven]

[Eliane Radigue- Geelriandre-Arthesis]

[white ring]

[tara cross- limelight cassette/tempus fugit lp]

[Amos And Sara- The Private World Of Amos/Sara Goes Pop]

[evelyn war- limits of exposure]

[alasehir- torment of the metals]

[Pocahaunted- Live at the OCCII Le Club Suburbia]

[Mahmoud Awad- Sheikh To The Future]

[Gong- Camembert Electrique]

[And The Native Hipsters- There Goes Concorde Again]

[Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes- Le Rat Debile Et L'homme Des Champs]

[Mater Suspiria Vision]

[Synth Jerkshop- Amateur Cosmos]

[birdland- 2004 demo (pre-celebration)]

[v/a- Travels of the Spider-Electro-Acoustic Music from Argentina]

[native tongue- self titled ep/yowl lp]

[pink priest- cold rock/goddess/western futures cdrs]

[Stephan Eicher- Spielt Noise Boys]

[the good missionaries- fire from heaven]

[The Balinese Gamalen & Ketjak- Music from the Morning of the World]

[Albert Marcoeur- s/t]

[v/a- pomegranates (60s/70s iranian pop, folk, funk & psych)]

[patty waters- sings]

[graham lambkin- salmon run]

[explode into colors- quilts]

[Algarnas Tradgard- Delayed]

[v/a- Melodii Tuvi- Throat Songs And Folk Tunes From Tuva]

[Roy Montgomery- Silver Wheel Of Prayer]

[Radio Algeria (Sublime Frequencies)]

[Steve Beresford/Tristan Honsinger- Double Indemnity/Imitation of Life: 1980-1981]

[stellar om source- exises cdr]

[factums- flowers]

[Etienne Jaumet- Night Music]

[childe bride- Reflections On Prism City/the bell witch]

[marduk- plague angel]

[Hamilton Bohannon]

[Asmus Tietchens- Spät-Europa]

[balaclavas- roman holiday]

[Pärson Sound- s/t]

[Cleaners From Venus- Midnight Cleaners]

[Tor Lundvall- Sleeping And Hiding]

[modern witch]

[Dead Gaze- End of Days, Why Not You?]

[Led Er Est- Dust On Common]

[pauline oliveros- deep listening]

[Ajilvsga- Medicine Bull]

[Nac/Hut Report]

[Thomas Leer- Contradictions]



i'd like to personally thank nate from die monitr batss for turning me on to this the other evening at tube and [mutant sounds] for the tuneage and blurb...

compiling the "Slights Unspoken" LP and the "State/A Secret West" 7", plus some bonus. Voigt/465 were an Australian post punk band. Their sound is an interesting schizophrenic mix of punk, krautrock, psychedelia with RIO/Homosexuals/This Heat weirdness. Reminds me much of Family Fodder and Ludus. Overall, a big part in the history of Australian underground. Released in 2001 and sadly out of print nowadays.

[One Faint Deluded Smile]

more info:

[and here]


Karen Cooper Complex

once again, those lovely folks over at WFMU beat us all to the punch with another chunk of previously unknown avant/post-punk brilliance circa 1981, proving that no matter how much you shove yr nose in the dirt, there's always another truffle waiting to be dug up...

Shinjuku Birdwalk is available for dl over at the [Free Music Archive]


sally strobelight

perfectly overlooked 2006 pdx dream drone on [weird forest]... cough syrup ghost music. the aural equiv of 2002 glass candy and ilitch stumbling around on a romilar jag...

added bonus, i threw in the 2008 [Them, Themselves or They] 7"/cdr on [malt duck records] and the [eat the people] cdr from 2005...

[cannibal aura]

thanks, ms. strobelight, the pleasure is mine...


The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast

simply amazing aussie postpunk band that was too far ahead for it's own good, spiritual brethren of the more whimsy infused side of ndw and foreshadowing the shadow ring/fonal recs ilk... [G'arage D'Or] gathers tracks from all four of their platters on the [M Squared] label from 1981-1983...

[Twisting Toxic Forms]


white ring

oh, [SALEM], what hath you wrought?

[o0o00], [///▲▲▲\\\], [balam acab], [MATER SUSPIRIA VISION], [DIAMOND BLACK HEARTED BOY], [GR†LLGR†LL], [B.W.], [PASSIONS]... the witch house/ghost crunk class of 2009 has officially graduated, but with a [Disaro] cdr and [troubleman] ep coming out soon, [WHITE RING] seems to stand tall in this quickly crowding field...

like listening to crystal castles while sipping purple drank...

roses [updated 4.20.10]:


ludus update...

a facebook message to me from rob/quickstab:

You might like to know that Linder has said to Ian:
"We sound so otherworldly, like a new civilisation beaming into Bury.
Your guitar sounds FANTASTIC. I've downloaded it for further listening - let's get more out!"

It is possible that, because of *YOU* , some more previously unheard recordings (or even some *NEW* Ludus material!) may emerge!!

whoa... like i said before, never underestimate the power of asking nicely.

and linder & ian... if yr reading this, please contact me via facebook or my email: nonotnyet@gmail.com



coyote clean up.teeth mountain.gentle friendly.yoga

four things that should have made my 2009 best-of list, but due to a terminal case of "duhhhhhh" i passed them over... and yes, the teeth mountain is from 2008, but i enjoyed it more than the not not fun lp (though that was awsm in and of itself) and like wicked witch, i listened to it a lot in 2009. btw, if you like the coyote clean up alb (and who wouldn't?), check the afternoons modeling page for more where that came from.

[gentle friendly- ride slow] [coyote clean up- double trouble]

[yoga- megafauna] [teeth mountain- s/t]

gentle friendly: [myspace] [upset the rhythm]
coyote clean up: [myspace] [afternoons modeling]
yoga: [myspace] [holy mountain]
teeth mountain: [myspace] [shdwply records]


ludus- live at the rialto, july 1981

well folks, never underestimate the power of just asking nicely! the live ludus cassette i [posted about previously] is now up for download at the [quick stab music products soundcloud page]!!!

a note from rob quick stab:

Here it is.
Hope you enjoy!
Tempted to suggest headphones on/lights off - travel back to Manchester 1981, be with Ludus at one of their quite usual (according to Ian) "warm-up" improvisations!
WARNING - At times intense!

Ian Devine says "An echo of derelict ballrooms and north Mancunian (well, Bury) abandonment. The view from the room - a direct sight of the tower in Strangeways prison (which made an appearance on a A Certain Ratio cover). Truly it was like east Berlin, and we played in fingerless gloves because it was so cold..."

the file at the soundcloud page is in a wav file format, so for yr convenience (so ya can throw it on yr ipods and whatnot) i converted it into an mp3...

get it here:

[ludus- live at the rialto 1981 mp3]

once again, go visit the [quick stab myspace page] for lots more fine tuneage. please add them to yr friends list and send rob a thank you for being kind enough to grace us with this lost gem!


ludus redux...

a few weeks ago, i posted a bunch of obscure [ludus tracks] on this here thang. well, an astute reader notified me that i was short one release that i wasn't hepped to, a *very* ltd live cassette only release that came out on the [quick stab productions] tape label outta bristol/cardiff across the pond in the u.k.

i promptly contacted rob from the label and this was his response to my queries about said tape:

hi Tony
I'm in communication with Ian Devine - see if he says ok. Should be fine - the tape was freely available back in the 80s, even if only about 10 copies got made. He will advise on any problems re Linder but again i doubt it.
I'm hoping to make available all the Quick Stab Catalogue in time, through myspace and soundcloud.
The recording is actually one long improvisation, done privately during a practice/recording session.
I'll let you know. Have passed yr blogspot details on to Ian.
Best Wishes

so, when/if said ludus is available for dl, i'll be on that like white on rice... *crossing my fingers*

btw, the quick stab myspace page has lotsa free downloads of past releases from this fab tape-only label... go check it! esp if yr into the whole cab voltaire/gristle/fad gadget/early human league/mute records/etc. wing of the postpunk school...

***news flash! 1.13.2010***

it looks like the tape will be available for dl very soon! check the comments!


my top records of 2009

everyone else indulges themselves with these things, so i figured "why not?"... no particular order as these all received high rotation marks on my laptop, ipod and turntables. and yes, it's 37. lump it. it was to be 30, but alas... i *had* to include wicked witch as it came out in december 2008 around my bday and i listened to it a lot while walking around new york... plus, i don't really care. nyeh ^_~

circuit des yeux -sirenum
the shadow ring- life review (1993-2003)
HTRK- marry me tonight
rainbow arabia- kabukimono
oneohtrix point never- rifts
13th chime- complete discography
ga'an- s/t cassette
sunn0)))- monoliths and dimensions
shogun kunitoki- vinonaamakasio
optimo- presents in order to edit
animal hospital- memory
bardo pond- batholith
pyramids with nadja
wooden veil- s/t
valet- false face society
v/a- the sound of wonder!
wetdog- frauhaus
zola jesus- the spoils
to kill a petty bourgeoisie- marlone
orchestre poly- rythmo de cotonou- vol.2 echos hypnotiques
tickley feather- hors d'oeuvres
little claw- human taste
stellar om source- ocean woman
gregg kowalsky- tape chants (final kranky version)
bill orcutt- a new way to pay old debts
gary war- horribles parade
natural snow buildings- shadow kingdom
acre- isolationist
u.s. girls- bits + pieces cdr
ajilvsga- blood flowers
dam-funk- toeachizown
lloyd miller- a lifetime in oriental jazz
ofege- try and love
the inner space- agilok & blubbo
the golden sores- a peacable kingdom
cave- psychic psummer
wicked witch- chaos 1978-86


overnight sleep on it/re-thinks:

in flagranti- brash & vulgar
Kuupuu- Lumen Tähden
salem- all 7" eps
kluster- 1969-1972 6 lp box
excepter- la sala rossa
amen dunes- DIA
memory cassette- all eps
flipper reissues on water
ducktails- landscapes
abner jay- the true story of abner jay
the fly girlz- Da' Brats from Da Ville
wolves in the throne room- black cascade
Peste Noire - Ballade Cuntre lo Anemi Francor
tonstartssbandht- an when
omar souleyman -dabke 2020; folk & pop sounds of syria
truman peyote- light-lightning
prince rama of ayodhya- zetland cassette
these are powers- all aboard future
altar of plagues- white tomb
flower-corsano duo- the four aims