Kennedy Mengesha

Kennedy Mengesha was one of Ethiopia's biggest artists with a string of hits in the 80's, before passing away at a young age. info on him is scarce... no wiki profile, no discogs page... zero. zilch. nada.

the tracks i've posted here i found over on slsk and i have no idea of their provenance. i properly retagged and retitled most of them thanks to [this page] and the handful of videos over on [youtube]...

does anyone out there have any further insight on him????

[Kennedy Mengesha]

Barış Manço- Ben Bilirim

if you can't get behind this, you can't be my friend. seriously.

[Barış Manço- Ben Bilirim]


Vulcan- Meet Your Ghost

awesomely stomping primitive private press psych album from Iowa, circa 1978... Vulcan was Lyle Steece, the self-proclaimed son of an intergalactic space traveler who claims he was visited by the ghost of Hendrix... some serious fuzzed-out damage here, people.

[Vulcan- Meet Your Ghost]

deluxe ultra-limited double vinyl re-pop at [forced exposure]


Ian North- My Girlfriend's Dead (1980)

seminal early synth-pop album from former Milk 'N' Cookies member Ian North, recorded in 1979 in his brooklyn apartment after an extended stint in England. remastered with the Rape Of Orchids ep thrown on for good measure (featuring Only Love Is Left Alive, which was shown heavily on MTV and was featured on the first day of the station’s broadcast).

[My Girlfriend's Dead]

Raymilland- Recordings '79-'81

stellar midwest post-punk on a def eno/devoto/ubu trip that finally got the proper deluxe re-ish treatment earlier this year...

Raymilland formed in the summer of 1978 in St. Louis and lasted until the fall of 1981. Although starting out playing standard punk covers by the Buzzcocks, Damned, and Ultravox, their original influences and ideas about music leaned more toward the no-wave bands of NY and the more experimental bands from the UK. Raymilland played live eight times; four in St. Louis and four in Chicago. A fifth Chicago date slotted to open for Joy Division never happened when the US tour was canceled due to the death of Ian Curtis. Raymilland released one single in 1980 on Praxis (an influential Chicago music/art magazine), had one song included on the first Sub-Pop compilation cassette, and another on a compilation cassette released by the legendary Dong Dong Tapes from the Netherlands. A self produced demo cassette to attract label interest and procure live gigs was so influential that Wax Trax Records sold bootleg copies in their Chicago retail store.
-[BDR Records]

[Raymilland- Recordings '79-'81]

disco blaze- jump back

big kudos to [holy warbles] for this... i'd been searching for this one for over a year.

Total WTF record from Nigeria. One copy dug up in 2008 & went for about 800 smackers. Furry, backasswards fuzz guitar, drums sometimes mixed way too high [likely under the influence of late 70s disco 12 inches]. There's also a couple of ballads with shaky, fragile femme vocals, but the backing continues to be slathered in wah & effects. As to why the guy on the front has fangs & bats flying around his head? Uh, you got me, buddy. Fans of Chrissy Zebby Tembo, you've found your next stop.
-[Weirdo Records]

[disco blaze- jump back]


Warning- Both Albums

ridiculously epic cosmic doom-disco that for some inexplicable reason hasn't been reissued in any form... wtf??? why???

[Warning (1982)]

[Electric Eyes (1983)]


The Masterworks Of Satyajit Ray

One of the great pleasures Satyajit Ray's films gives audiences is the beautiful music they contain. This has been true from the very beginning of his career, when he asked classical music Pandit Ravi Shankar (the 'Apu' trilogy, 'Devi') and Ustad Vilayat Khan ('The Music Room') to compose and perform the music for his soundtracks. These great maestros always worked within the framework of Indian classical music; that is, music based upon ragas. However, light classical and folk songs, as well as folk tunes, were also drawn upon and provide much intoxicating rhythm and lively orchestration for Ray's scores. ...

For the orchestration he himself wrote, he relied on the rich sonorities available in Western instruments played in combination with Indian ones -- for instance, violins and cello, trumpet and harmonium, played with Indian wooden flutes, sarangi, santoor, sarod, sitar and tabla. His melodies were always based on ragas, however, no matter what the combination of instruments might be, and the ravishing sound he wrought from this is what people think of his peculiarly individual, 'Ray-like,' music. No other film composer in India ever quite attained his effects, or gave us film music so satisfying to the Western ear.

-liner notes excerpt by James Ivory and Ismail Merchant

[The Masterworks Of Satyajit Ray]

[Forced Exposure][satyajitray.org][wiki][imdb]

harmony korine- trash humpers ost

I always walk my dog in these alleyways by my house by where I grew up, and I remember there always used to be these peeping toms. They lived in this old person’s home – well, it was more like a basement that stored old people. And they had this uniform which was these black turtlenecks and white nursing shoes. Usually they would fornicate in the alleyways behind these strip malls and peep into people’s windows. It always made an impression on me, so I decided to make a film that was loosely based on these memories.
-Harmony Korine

Why couldn’t they just wipe some gonorrhea on them and be done with it?
-Alie Ward, Los Angeles Times (regarding the trash smeared 7" packaging)

[make it, make it, don't fake it](re-up cdr version)

Franz Falckenhaus

Franz Falckenhaus is one of the many pseudonyms of Danny Wolfers, better known as [Legowelt]... self-described “dark smudgy-ultra melancholical-cold war soundtracks”, this is minimal/cold wave/john carpenter/goblin-esque music for imaginary spy films set in Prague...

[Stories From My Cold War]

[The Europa Judgement]

[The Lost Border]


jill kroesen.elisa waut.chandra

three sorely overlooked records from the post-punk/no wave archives...

[JILL KROESEN- Stop Vicious Cycles] bio at [allmusic][lovely music]

[elisa waut- s/t ep] bio at [Belgian Pop & Rock Archives]

[chandra- transportation ep] excellent interview at [nerdtorious.com]



ultra-scarce italo-disco album, Giorgio Farina teaming up with Goblin members Claudio Simonetti, Massimo Marante, Agostino Marangolo, and Fabio Pignatelli for three long tracks of strung out sprawling dancefloor excess (Originally released in 1978 as a soundtrack to an italian TV-show)... absolutely essential.



william onyeabor

[crashes in love (1977)]

[atomic bomb (1978)]

[tomorrow (1979)]

William Onyeabor studied cinematography in Russia for many years, returning to Nigeria in the mid-70s to start his own Wilfilms music label and to set up a music and film production studio. He recorded a number of hit songs in Nigeria during the 70s, the biggest of which was "Atomic Bomb" in 1978. William has now been crowned a High Chief in Enugu, where he lives today as a successful businessman working on government contracts and running his own flour mill.

- info from: Nigeria 70 "The Definitive Story of 1970'S Funky Lagos"

Metropak- The Singles

[Metropak- The Singles Collection]

[myspace][Close Up Records UK][discogs]


ludus peel session re-post (plus)

(requested by [veronica/CEASE TO EXIST!])

[ludus 1982 peel session](now 320kbps)

and just to show that is isn't a case of re-issue, re-package, re-package (to quote linder sterling's old chum Steven Patrick Morrissey), i'm including the 2001 soundtrack to Linder's performance piece [Clint Eastwood, Clare Offreduccio and Me: Requiem] by Ian Devine and Linder:

[devine & sterling- requiem]