r.i.p. rowland

rowland s. howard (24 October 1959 – 30 December 2009)

his last alb... fire still burning. swell talk talk and townes van zandt covers.
get it:
[pop crimes]

crash course in science & y pants

long time no see, but the holidaze+busy me=no time for this lately. i have, however, promised my friend chuck that i'd post the first coupla [crash course in science] eps and the [y pants] discog cd...

on the uncle floyd show!

[crash course in science]

[y pants]

see ya in 2010.


ludus... the strays

if you know me at all, you know that i'm a [ludus/linder sterling] obsessive. excepting the pickpocket cassette, i have almost every original ludus release (and believe me, they ain't cheap!), i've screen printed my own ludus shirts, i have the [linder works book] and [what linder saw]... i would give my left testicle to have one of those [linder sterling x richard nicoll t-shirts] and a copy of the infamous hacienda gig on dvd.

when ltm did their amazing [ludus re-ish campaign] in the early naughts, they claimed that they were presenting the entire ludus discography, but they were missing a few key components. tracks from the [meridians 1 cassette] and the [1982 peel session] were conspicuously asbsent. the peel sesh was omitted due to budget constraints, but who knows why the other tracks were omitted from the three main cds... a coupla leftovers did however turn up on the [Auteur Labels: New Hormones 1977-1982 cd] and the [black music] comp cds.

well, here's the rest of the story... in one convenient file, i have all of the disparate tracks rounded up for you. sadly, the last track ("wrapped in silence") on the peel session cuts off early and the quality on "corpse candle" from the meridians tape is a bit hissy, but the chances of this stuff ever seeing the light of day is about as likely as the factory menstrual egg timer ever being put into production.

merry xmas:

[You Open My Legs Like A Book]

merci to the generous folk over at the [morrissey-solo forum]!

post script... it seems there's a [live cassette] from 1981 that i wasn't aware of! thank you miss evans for pointing this out!


Arktau Eos- Mirrorion

crystalline ritualistic/ambient drone dreams beaming into yr skull from some nether world (aka finland... where else?) where tomutonttu, ajilvsga, black boned angel and natural snow buildings top the charts and coil's hellraiser themes are considered classic rock...

[Mana Infusion]

elvis' greatest shit

you have not lived until you have heard this. really.

1. Old Mac Donald Had a Farm
2. Ito Eats
3. There's No Room to Rhumba In a Sports Car
4. Confidence
5. Yoga Is As Yoga Does
6. Song of the Shrimp
7. U.S. Male
8. Ford Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce
9. Signs of the Zodiac
10. The Bullfighter Was a Lady
11. Wolf Call
12. Can't Help Falling In Love
13. He's Your Uncle Not Your Dad
14. Scratch My Back Then I'll Scratch Yours
15. The Walls Have Ears
16. Poison Ivy League
17. Beach Boy Blues
18. Dominic the Impotent Bull
19. Queenie Wahine's Papaya
20. Do the Clambake
21. Datin'
22. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
23. Outro

[hot damn tamale!]


sexy armpit

why these [two polish gals] aren't superstars in the noise/exp/undieground on the level of, say jessica rylan, is beyond me... two albums out and a billion videos on their [youtube] page...

i mean really... if yr glomming the whole tickley feather/fonal/yoko/ludus-circa-danger came smiling vibe, you *need* to fucking put down the lotion and





vitamin wig c./shits and giggles

dunno much about vitamin wig c... they're from los angeles or san francisco, they have [two][myspace] pages, and in their own words, "Vitamin Wig C plays on vocal prosody, electric porpoise calls and non-stinky techni-color stool samples from famous cartoon characters in the Yucatan Peninsula"... hmkay. here's the "dawn adults" alb...

(much thanks to [death wears white socks] for the heads up here)

[dawn adults]

yeah, you know about this already... yeah, you're already hepped to the fact that it's mr. ariel rosenberg and pals from vas deferens organization/[mutant sounds] making some sweet whoopee... yeah, it's been out for a while now, but with a pressing of only 500 copies on long player, you know you won't be running across this in the flesh/wax too often...

[trick or treat]

hobo cult

sometime last year, during another one of those friend-of-friend's-top-eight meandering late night searches, i found myself stumbling across [pradada]'s myspace page. superfine, almost fragile at times, slinky noise musings from these quebecians...

the real reason i'm spieling here is that their label, [hobo cult records], is one of thee finer/prolific purveyors of the many no-fi exp throb and ping tape/cdr labels out there. the added bonus for all of us not spending all our spare time/lunch money on micro pressings of cassettes/cdrs is that hobo cult puts large chunks of their extensive outta print back catalogue up for free download on their blog... pradada, hobo cubes, sick/velvet chrome, drama orchestra and more, gratis.

music, video, pics all here for the taking/perusing:

[hobo cult records]

yr welcome...


pragvec- no cowboys lp

this one goes out to nate from die monitr batss and Sleetmute/Nightmute...

pragVec's only lp, "Spec Records Presents No Cowboys" from 1980. not "technically" a pragVec record, but as billed as a comp alb, not unlike that morgan fisher [hybrid kids] lp from the year prior... dollops of buzzy EDP Wasp synthesizer all over this one, provided by one pre-foetus jim thirwell.

[no cowboys]

love voigt/465... now send me that unreleased Sleetmute/Nightmute lp! ^_^


teaadora nikolova

due to overall confusion, hectic life choices, illness and extenuating circumstances, this post is quite overdue...

amidst the abject ghetto that myspace has now become, one can still find the occasional jewel, gleaming amongst the flotsam... one such random discovery is boston-based artist [teaadora nikolova]...

since i'm at a loss for words, i'll just let her do the talking about the majestically spare (listen to those crickets!) epic (33 minutes!) track she sent my way...

"Un Peu Après Le 20 Mai, 1986 ; Une Démonstration Pour 2009.
A Little After May 20, 1986; A Demonstration For 2009." (2009)

Record 08-28-08 in Andover, Massachusetts at Jason Rozen's house where I
played alongside [Chritopher Alspach]: Octave Mandolin (played as bowed, percussively, and traditionally with pick or fingers.), vocal instrumentation.

Recorded by Jason Rozen of [Grinding Tapes Records]

"Don't Expect a Stradivarius.
Ne pas Prévoir un Stradivarius"

Unreleased, except on internet as sample."


full-length coming soon. also, check this video, which i posted previously...

shot by Billy Rennenkemp:


pussy galore- exile on main st.

well, as of 6pm korea standard time, i will officially be the wizened old age of forty years young... as it happens, i was born the day after meredith hunter was beaten and stabbed to death by hell's angels at the [altamont speedway free festival] while the rolling stones obliviously grinded out "under my thumb". most view the bad juju of the altamont debacle to be the metaphorical death of the freewheeling sixties era of peace and love. good, sez i... someone had to piss on the free-love crowd's parade, so why not a passel of hell's angels zonked out on blotter acid and cheap beer?

in the spirit of vitriol and allegorical deaths, i'm bringing you [pussy galore]'s track-by-track deconstruction of the stones' finest hunk of wax, [exile on main st.]. released in 1986 on the heels of the [feel good about your body 7"], this was pg's response to sonic youth's threat to cover the entire "white album". only released in an edition of 550 cassettes, it's been booted on both vinyl (minus tracks) and cd. four tracks ended up on the woefully oop and essential [corpse love] cd from 1992.

essential primal gas tank drumset (including albini's cock ring)/guit squall from the best line-up they ever had, before christina martinez started taking her clothes off for [boss hog] alb sleeves. you also get a good idea where neil hagerty was headed to with his eventual resurrection via "twin infinitives" era [royal trux]...

[happy birthday to you]


bird blobs.axemen.htrk.slugfuckers

this multi-album post is especially for mark the dj at [tube]!

one big file, four aussie/new zealand bands...

[bird blobs- stihl life lp 2003]
their first lp... primordial beefheart/birthday party-styled sludge from melbourne. half the band now resides in nyc... singer tim is now in degreaser (amongst many other things).

[axemen- derry legend lp 1987]
second full length on flying nun, from these kiwi legends, but the fine purveyors of scuzz over at [siltbreeze] are doing a bang-up job of re-ishing their past catalogue.

[htrk- nostalgia ep 2007 & marry me tonight lp 2009]
sub-swans-like dirging with a cold-hearted sounding lass moaning about soiled panties and ex-gfs... and the latest alb is produced by none other than rowland s. howard?!? misanthropy divine? you had me at "hello".
four different myspace pages for the now london-based oz transplants, here's the [main one].

[slugfuckers- transformational salt lp 1981]
first full-length of slimy post-punk ooze and scrape from these sydney noise merchants... the full deal's available on the [cacophony 1979-1981] double cd.

that's it... five albs, one click. you're welcome.




-Sudeten Creche- Dance! [Are Kisses Out Of Fashion? 12"]
-No More- Suicide Commando [Suicide Commando 12"]
-Njurmännen- Your Eyes [Vem Är Pavul? lp]
-Figure Study- Lesson One [myspace]
-Crash Course In Science- Cardboard Lamb [Signals From Pier Thirteen 12"]
-Störung- Verspilling [This is Future lp]
-Xeno and Oaklander- Saracen [Sentinelle lp] [myspace]
-Liaisons Dangereuses- los niños del parque [Liaisons Dangereuses lp]
-Nine Circles- Twinkling Stars [Nine Circles cd]
-Drinking Electricity- Discord Dance [Overload lp]
-Ceramic Hello- Gestures [The Absence Of A Canary lp]
-In Camera- Final Achievement [13 (Lucky For Some) lp]
-Indians in Moscow- Dies Irae [Big Wheel 12"]
-Absolute Body Control- Love At First Sight [Figures lp]
-Snowy Red- I'm Hurt [The Right To Die lp]
-Mathématiques Modernes- Disco Rough [Les Visiteurs Du Soir lp]
-Twice a Man- Decay [Music For Girls lp]
-TRISOMIE 21- See The Devil In Me [Passions Divisées lp]
-Kas Product- Digging In a Hole [Try Out lp]
-Bene Gesserit- tonight [a high, happy, perverse and cynical cry of joy lp]
-Ruth- Polaroïd/Roman/Photo [Polaroïd/Roman/Photo ep]