harmony korine- trash humpers ost

I always walk my dog in these alleyways by my house by where I grew up, and I remember there always used to be these peeping toms. They lived in this old person’s home – well, it was more like a basement that stored old people. And they had this uniform which was these black turtlenecks and white nursing shoes. Usually they would fornicate in the alleyways behind these strip malls and peep into people’s windows. It always made an impression on me, so I decided to make a film that was loosely based on these memories.
-Harmony Korine

Why couldn’t they just wipe some gonorrhea on them and be done with it?
-Alie Ward, Los Angeles Times (regarding the trash smeared 7" packaging)

[make it, make it, don't fake it](re-up cdr version)

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