the owl is dead... long live the owl.

yet another casualty in the 2012 war between commerce and culture. in less than two years holy warbles set the platinum standard (along with ghost capital, mutant sounds, and many others) that i held all music blogs to (including mine). the times that the owl complimented a post here was like getting a nobel peace prize in blogging.

in that light, i'm probably going to kill this blog off. google/blogger are showing their true colours, and i would not be surprised to come home to find my meager little venture swept off to interwebz heaven.

i had several posts prepped and in the pipeline, but considering everything, i may just chuck them. what's the point in all that effort if it's all going to be digital dust?

WFMU posted an elegy to one of the finest repositories to music to ever grace the internet... give it an ear, especially if you missed out.

[R.I.P. øשlqæda]



Holly said...

I would politely request that you do NOT give up. Tell us more about those posts in the pipeline! :-)

앤서니 said...

well, thank you holly! i'm gonna post some more stuff and take baby steps. i use mediafire, and who knows what will happen w/ them... they're based in texas, and apparently they've been immune to this all.

as far as blogger goes, they've earned my enmity.their actions of pulling blogs down due to supposed copyright violations is getting old.

like i said, it's art vs. commerce, and it looks like commerce is winning.

GuillermoBlogeado said...

holy warbles and amazing music...
I still harbour their mixtapes and some stuff I took from them

Now I regret not have digged a bit deeper the music they have there

Long live the owl... thanks a million if you read this lines, you were truly an inspiration

GuillermoBlogeado said...

oh! by the way... I compiled the mixtapes here, should you be interested:


앤서니 said...

thank you for posting all of the owl's mixes! it's nice to see someone keeping them alive...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

re: commerce and culture.

You've not seen anything yet. Just look at the iPhone iPad model. They control everything. Next up? Wanna goto a blog? Pony up 25 cents for each visit. Wanna see a you tube video? another quarter, and so on. AM so glad I am in my 50's... When I no longer am employed I'm gonna buy a wind up turntable and and turn my back on this entire Blade Runner scenario as it continues to play out.