black hippies

i neglected to cobble together a top-whatever of 2010 list due to... well, just living life. to rectify this a little, i'm posting all the stuff by one of my fave discoveries of this past year, black hippies. not much on the interwebz aside from [myspace] and [last.fm] pages, their posts at [id reverberations] and an interview at [sick of the radio]...

teenagers? really?!? well fuck all, i guess there is hope for the future. dig the whole hobo cult/fonal/not not fun/avant-drone-pastiche vibez? then dig in... dig real deep.

[Acid With Black Hippies]
[Our Prayer]
[The Jewels In God's Wristwatch]
[Wicker House]
[Laughing Sickness]
[PBO present: Black Hippies meets Udmurtia]

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can you reupload these