daisies (sedmikrásky) soundtrack- 1966

'Daisies' pulls together what you might call the 'Holy Trinity' of the Czech New Wave - director Vera Chytilova, costume and set designer Esther Krumbachova, and cinematographer Jaroslav Kucera - arguably the three most forward thinking and truly experiMENTAL minds in the whole of the CNW collective... The radical and experimental nature of 'Daisies' is further enhanced by its erratic score which consists of the juxtaposition of various non-melodic elements and sound effects, laden with a broad palette of samples and snippets of choral and classical vintage recordings spliced with concrete effects, traditional brass band music, Disney style exotica. charleston dance standards and token 60's beat tracks... By utilising the live sound effects within the film such as clock pendulums, scissors and typewriters Sust and Slitr paid homage to the pioneering work of Pierre Schaeffer and his Musique concrete legacy.
-[finders keepers]

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