Yao Su-Yong & The Telstars Combo LP

priceless sleeve art and a nice piece of 60's taiwanese pop by the legendary [Yao Su-Yong], backed on this lp by the (Joe Meek inspired?) instrumental group [The Telstar Combo].

[Yao Su-Yong & The Telstars Combo]


øשlqæda said...

fuggin sweet

Anonymous said...

discovered yr blog today via the immortal hw.

loving it. especially sally strobelight. many thnks.


앤서니 said...

thanks! the comments are def appreciated! ^_^

Anonymous said...

a shrt update - starships in silhouette is fast becomin my favorite all time album.

so thnks again, best blg post yet, anywhere.


bebuquin said...


flange said...

Thanks for this one, really appreciate it. I've only just started looking into the 60's Taiwanese pop scene.

I've been trying to find the Chinese track listing for it and have found most of the tracks but I'm still missing a few. Wondered if you or anyone else could help me out?

What I've got so far-

1. 偷心的人 (Title Track)
2. 我還是永遠愛著你
3. 熱情已冷
4. 森林之歌
5. 夕陽西沉
6. ?
7. ?
8. 不願提起
9. 往日的舊夢
10. 破碎的心
11. ?
12. 春來人不來

Thanks again!

Gary said...

Just now getting to this for some reason. I have a number of Yao Su-Yong's CDs, but this is particularly fabulous. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

any possibility of a re-up? cheers! :D

Anonymous said...

I really need someone to reupload that album. I just discovered it, fully listened to it on youtube.

Anonymous said...