coyote clean up.teeth mountain.gentle friendly.yoga

four things that should have made my 2009 best-of list, but due to a terminal case of "duhhhhhh" i passed them over... and yes, the teeth mountain is from 2008, but i enjoyed it more than the not not fun lp (though that was awsm in and of itself) and like wicked witch, i listened to it a lot in 2009. btw, if you like the coyote clean up alb (and who wouldn't?), check the afternoons modeling page for more where that came from.

[gentle friendly- ride slow] [coyote clean up- double trouble]

[yoga- megafauna] [teeth mountain- s/t]

gentle friendly: [myspace] [upset the rhythm]
coyote clean up: [myspace] [afternoons modeling]
yoga: [myspace] [holy mountain]
teeth mountain: [myspace] [shdwply records]


WaYLoN aKa said...

check out the episode of Judge Judy with the girl from Teeth Mountain vs. the guy from Shams. Pretty damn funny.

anthony said...

seen it... it's all an elaborate joke/put-on. the narwahlz guy is hilarious.

check it:


you know it's all just a sham ;P