my top records of 2009

everyone else indulges themselves with these things, so i figured "why not?"... no particular order as these all received high rotation marks on my laptop, ipod and turntables. and yes, it's 37. lump it. it was to be 30, but alas... i *had* to include wicked witch as it came out in december 2008 around my bday and i listened to it a lot while walking around new york... plus, i don't really care. nyeh ^_~

circuit des yeux -sirenum
the shadow ring- life review (1993-2003)
HTRK- marry me tonight
rainbow arabia- kabukimono
oneohtrix point never- rifts
13th chime- complete discography
ga'an- s/t cassette
sunn0)))- monoliths and dimensions
shogun kunitoki- vinonaamakasio
optimo- presents in order to edit
animal hospital- memory
bardo pond- batholith
pyramids with nadja
wooden veil- s/t
valet- false face society
v/a- the sound of wonder!
wetdog- frauhaus
zola jesus- the spoils
to kill a petty bourgeoisie- marlone
orchestre poly- rythmo de cotonou- vol.2 echos hypnotiques
tickley feather- hors d'oeuvres
little claw- human taste
stellar om source- ocean woman
gregg kowalsky- tape chants (final kranky version)
bill orcutt- a new way to pay old debts
gary war- horribles parade
natural snow buildings- shadow kingdom
acre- isolationist
u.s. girls- bits + pieces cdr
ajilvsga- blood flowers
dam-funk- toeachizown
lloyd miller- a lifetime in oriental jazz
ofege- try and love
the inner space- agilok & blubbo
the golden sores- a peacable kingdom
cave- psychic psummer
wicked witch- chaos 1978-86


overnight sleep on it/re-thinks:

in flagranti- brash & vulgar
Kuupuu- Lumen Tähden
salem- all 7" eps
kluster- 1969-1972 6 lp box
excepter- la sala rossa
amen dunes- DIA
memory cassette- all eps
flipper reissues on water
ducktails- landscapes
abner jay- the true story of abner jay
the fly girlz- Da' Brats from Da Ville
wolves in the throne room- black cascade
Peste Noire - Ballade Cuntre lo Anemi Francor
tonstartssbandht- an when
omar souleyman -dabke 2020; folk & pop sounds of syria
truman peyote- light-lightning
prince rama of ayodhya- zetland cassette
these are powers- all aboard future
altar of plagues- white tomb
flower-corsano duo- the four aims

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