ludus redux...

a few weeks ago, i posted a bunch of obscure [ludus tracks] on this here thang. well, an astute reader notified me that i was short one release that i wasn't hepped to, a *very* ltd live cassette only release that came out on the [quick stab productions] tape label outta bristol/cardiff across the pond in the u.k.

i promptly contacted rob from the label and this was his response to my queries about said tape:

hi Tony
I'm in communication with Ian Devine - see if he says ok. Should be fine - the tape was freely available back in the 80s, even if only about 10 copies got made. He will advise on any problems re Linder but again i doubt it.
I'm hoping to make available all the Quick Stab Catalogue in time, through myspace and soundcloud.
The recording is actually one long improvisation, done privately during a practice/recording session.
I'll let you know. Have passed yr blogspot details on to Ian.
Best Wishes

so, when/if said ludus is available for dl, i'll be on that like white on rice... *crossing my fingers*

btw, the quick stab myspace page has lotsa free downloads of past releases from this fab tape-only label... go check it! esp if yr into the whole cab voltaire/gristle/fad gadget/early human league/mute records/etc. wing of the postpunk school...

***news flash! 1.13.2010***

it looks like the tape will be available for dl very soon! check the comments!


5X0D said...

Thanks for the kind mention - Quick Stab seems to be getting a few listens atm! I've decided to go ahead and make the LUDUS recording available! As with the other complete cassettes, I'll post it onto Soundcloud and put the link onto the myspace. Hopefully should be up within a week or two. Rob

anthony said...

yes! thank you rob, and i'm sure all the other ludus fans out there will thank you also!!!

5X0D said...


Here it is.
Hope you enjoy!
Tempted to suggest headphones on/lights off - travel back to Manchester 1981, be with Ludus at one of their quite usual (according to Ian) "warm-up" improvisations!
WARNING - At times intense!

anthony said...

thank you rob! converted it into mp3 form and i'll have it up for dl from mediafire...