ludus- live at the rialto, july 1981

well folks, never underestimate the power of just asking nicely! the live ludus cassette i [posted about previously] is now up for download at the [quick stab music products soundcloud page]!!!

a note from rob quick stab:

Here it is.
Hope you enjoy!
Tempted to suggest headphones on/lights off - travel back to Manchester 1981, be with Ludus at one of their quite usual (according to Ian) "warm-up" improvisations!
WARNING - At times intense!

Ian Devine says "An echo of derelict ballrooms and north Mancunian (well, Bury) abandonment. The view from the room - a direct sight of the tower in Strangeways prison (which made an appearance on a A Certain Ratio cover). Truly it was like east Berlin, and we played in fingerless gloves because it was so cold..."

the file at the soundcloud page is in a wav file format, so for yr convenience (so ya can throw it on yr ipods and whatnot) i converted it into an mp3...

get it here:

[ludus- live at the rialto 1981 mp3]

once again, go visit the [quick stab myspace page] for lots more fine tuneage. please add them to yr friends list and send rob a thank you for being kind enough to grace us with this lost gem!

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