ludus... the strays

if you know me at all, you know that i'm a [ludus/linder sterling] obsessive. excepting the pickpocket cassette, i have almost every original ludus release (and believe me, they ain't cheap!), i've screen printed my own ludus shirts, i have the [linder works book] and [what linder saw]... i would give my left testicle to have one of those [linder sterling x richard nicoll t-shirts] and a copy of the infamous hacienda gig on dvd.

when ltm did their amazing [ludus re-ish campaign] in the early naughts, they claimed that they were presenting the entire ludus discography, but they were missing a few key components. tracks from the [meridians 1 cassette] and the [1982 peel session] were conspicuously asbsent. the peel sesh was omitted due to budget constraints, but who knows why the other tracks were omitted from the three main cds... a coupla leftovers did however turn up on the [Auteur Labels: New Hormones 1977-1982 cd] and the [black music] comp cds.

well, here's the rest of the story... in one convenient file, i have all of the disparate tracks rounded up for you. sadly, the last track ("wrapped in silence") on the peel session cuts off early and the quality on "corpse candle" from the meridians tape is a bit hissy, but the chances of this stuff ever seeing the light of day is about as likely as the factory menstrual egg timer ever being put into production.

merry xmas:

[You Open My Legs Like A Book]

merci to the generous folk over at the [morrissey-solo forum]!

post script... it seems there's a [live cassette] from 1981 that i wasn't aware of! thank you miss evans for pointing this out!


Unknown said...

quick stab music products have a cassette tape release of Ludus Live at the Rialto, from c.1980. Photo of it on myspace (labtekind)
45 minutes' long.

앤서니 said...

really?!? whoa... that's amazing! i've never even heard of this... it's not even listed in the discogs page.

do you have this, perchance?

Unknown said...

no - you could try the myspace and leave a message?

앤서니 said...

i sent them a message yesterday inquiring about it... i'm hoping they'd put it on their blog as a download, but i'm sure there's those pesky copyright issues.

Veronica said...

Anthony, Any chance you'll re-upload the Ludus - 1982 Peel sessions (been looking forever and ever). Or maybe you could email them to me? - veronica@mladysrecords.com

I could send you something in return. I do an online podcast/radio show (linked), maybe you'll fancy something on there.

앤서니 said...

hi veronica! i'll repost the peel session in a new post just for you...

i like yr radio show, i've already listened to it in the past (found yr facebook page via a friend a few months ago ^_^)... nice job!

Pisŧöff said...

Added this to the megapost. Thanks.