pussy galore- exile on main st.

well, as of 6pm korea standard time, i will officially be the wizened old age of forty years young... as it happens, i was born the day after meredith hunter was beaten and stabbed to death by hell's angels at the [altamont speedway free festival] while the rolling stones obliviously grinded out "under my thumb". most view the bad juju of the altamont debacle to be the metaphorical death of the freewheeling sixties era of peace and love. good, sez i... someone had to piss on the free-love crowd's parade, so why not a passel of hell's angels zonked out on blotter acid and cheap beer?

in the spirit of vitriol and allegorical deaths, i'm bringing you [pussy galore]'s track-by-track deconstruction of the stones' finest hunk of wax, [exile on main st.]. released in 1986 on the heels of the [feel good about your body 7"], this was pg's response to sonic youth's threat to cover the entire "white album". only released in an edition of 550 cassettes, it's been booted on both vinyl (minus tracks) and cd. four tracks ended up on the woefully oop and essential [corpse love] cd from 1992.

essential primal gas tank drumset (including albini's cock ring)/guit squall from the best line-up they ever had, before christina martinez started taking her clothes off for [boss hog] alb sleeves. you also get a good idea where neil hagerty was headed to with his eventual resurrection via "twin infinitives" era [royal trux]...

[happy birthday to you]

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