teaadora nikolova

due to overall confusion, hectic life choices, illness and extenuating circumstances, this post is quite overdue...

amidst the abject ghetto that myspace has now become, one can still find the occasional jewel, gleaming amongst the flotsam... one such random discovery is boston-based artist [teaadora nikolova]...

since i'm at a loss for words, i'll just let her do the talking about the majestically spare (listen to those crickets!) epic (33 minutes!) track she sent my way...

"Un Peu Après Le 20 Mai, 1986 ; Une Démonstration Pour 2009.
A Little After May 20, 1986; A Demonstration For 2009." (2009)

Record 08-28-08 in Andover, Massachusetts at Jason Rozen's house where I
played alongside [Chritopher Alspach]: Octave Mandolin (played as bowed, percussively, and traditionally with pick or fingers.), vocal instrumentation.

Recorded by Jason Rozen of [Grinding Tapes Records]

"Don't Expect a Stradivarius.
Ne pas Prévoir un Stradivarius"

Unreleased, except on internet as sample."


full-length coming soon. also, check this video, which i posted previously...

shot by Billy Rennenkemp:

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