vitamin wig c./shits and giggles

dunno much about vitamin wig c... they're from los angeles or san francisco, they have [two][myspace] pages, and in their own words, "Vitamin Wig C plays on vocal prosody, electric porpoise calls and non-stinky techni-color stool samples from famous cartoon characters in the Yucatan Peninsula"... hmkay. here's the "dawn adults" alb...

(much thanks to [death wears white socks] for the heads up here)

[dawn adults]

yeah, you know about this already... yeah, you're already hepped to the fact that it's mr. ariel rosenberg and pals from vas deferens organization/[mutant sounds] making some sweet whoopee... yeah, it's been out for a while now, but with a pressing of only 500 copies on long player, you know you won't be running across this in the flesh/wax too often...

[trick or treat]

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