sexy armpit

why these [two polish gals] aren't superstars in the noise/exp/undieground on the level of, say jessica rylan, is beyond me... two albums out and a billion videos on their [youtube] page...

i mean really... if yr glomming the whole tickley feather/fonal/yoko/ludus-circa-danger came smiling vibe, you *need* to fucking put down the lotion and





Anonymous said...

love this stuff. too bad all youtube videos were removed :(. do you have there other album? thanks for posting!

앤서니 said...

damn... it looks like they closed out their youtube account. thanks for the heads up. i'm gonna check to see if i downloaded any of their videos for my archives. if i did save them, i'll upload and repost them.

they have a second cd, but i haven't been able to find it. barely any distribution for their stuff.

when i do find the second album, i'll post it ^_^