-Sudeten Creche- Dance! [Are Kisses Out Of Fashion? 12"]
-No More- Suicide Commando [Suicide Commando 12"]
-Njurmännen- Your Eyes [Vem Är Pavul? lp]
-Figure Study- Lesson One [myspace]
-Crash Course In Science- Cardboard Lamb [Signals From Pier Thirteen 12"]
-Störung- Verspilling [This is Future lp]
-Xeno and Oaklander- Saracen [Sentinelle lp] [myspace]
-Liaisons Dangereuses- los niños del parque [Liaisons Dangereuses lp]
-Nine Circles- Twinkling Stars [Nine Circles cd]
-Drinking Electricity- Discord Dance [Overload lp]
-Ceramic Hello- Gestures [The Absence Of A Canary lp]
-In Camera- Final Achievement [13 (Lucky For Some) lp]
-Indians in Moscow- Dies Irae [Big Wheel 12"]
-Absolute Body Control- Love At First Sight [Figures lp]
-Snowy Red- I'm Hurt [The Right To Die lp]
-Mathématiques Modernes- Disco Rough [Les Visiteurs Du Soir lp]
-Twice a Man- Decay [Music For Girls lp]
-TRISOMIE 21- See The Devil In Me [Passions Divisées lp]
-Kas Product- Digging In a Hole [Try Out lp]
-Bene Gesserit- tonight [a high, happy, perverse and cynical cry of joy lp]
-Ruth- Polaroïd/Roman/Photo [Polaroïd/Roman/Photo ep]


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